At Ricerca Diagnostica's clinics is possible to find a complete offer, between blood analysis and a selection of specialized therapies, and specialized examinations and rehabilitation sessions

Ricerca Dignostica's clinics

At Ricerca Diagnostica’s clinics is possible to find a complete offer, between blood analysis and a selection of specialised therapies, and specialised examinations and rehabilitation sessions. Find out more about our clinics and schedule your visit!


This clinic is fully dedicated to the diagnosis and the treatment of the skin allergies and allergic respiratory diagnosis.  We schedule specialised examinations such as the prick test, patch test and also…

Angiology - Vascular surgery

Thanks to the vascular surgery is possible to treat pathologies related to blood vessels. Creating a correct and precise diagnose is possible to do a specific medical treatment that would cure vascular system diseases. At Ricerca Diagnostica, you can  …


A cardiologist is able to diagnose and treat heart disease. In Ricerca Diagnostica’s clinics is possible to reserve a specialist visit with our cardiologists or directly to an examination.


Our endocrinologist specialists conduct specialised diagnosis and examinations on the pathologies of internal secretion glands, that is, which is given directly into the blood. Commonly called hormones. At Ricerca Diagnostica is possible to effectuate…


At Ricerca Diagnostica, you can schedule an appointment with our physiatrists who are concerned with motor rehabilitation and evaluate the musculoskeletal system. At Ricerca Diagnostica is possible to have a custom path through …


Brain, neurological apparatus, spinal cord, nerves. These a just only a few things that neurologists are take care of. Through Ricerca Diagnostica you can schedule a specialist visit such as electromyography that you can ..


Orthopaedics corrects problems related to the human skeleton linked to the spine, joints, tendons and ligaments. Your doctor may decide whether to deal with medication or physical therapy.


The obstetrician follows you step by step throughout the period of preconception until pregnancy, labour, and childbirth. Furthermore, thanks to the gynaecological clinic, it is possible to carry out instrumental tests.


A visit to the specialist in Otorhinolaryngology allows you to diagnose any problems related to the oral cavity, thyroid as well as the larynx, pharynx, nose, ears, and related structures. Not only a medical examination but also therapies …


A visit from our rheumatology specialists at Ricerca Diagnostica’s clinics allows you to diagnose a possible rheumatic disease and choose the most appropriate treatment. For this reason, Ricerca Diagnostica makes available …


Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of any urinary tract and male genital disorder. Through Ricerca Diagnostica is possible to effectuate simple routine examination or schedule your path…